Mi.24.04 „Around the World in 80 Minutes“: Trivia-Food-Music

Ein wahrlich internationaler Abend mit Quizz, Essen und Trinken aus 5 Ländern.
Amerikanische Studenten des Institute of European Studies laden ein!

Beginn: 19h
Spenden € 10 (Inkl. Freigetränk, Speisenverkostung) , students € 7,–
UAwg: m.schwarz@schwarzconsult.at

Want to travel the world while abroad but don’t have the funds? Well students from the arts and entertainment class have you covered. Next Wednesday, we are hosting Around the World in 80 minutes at Salon Schräg. Join us for drinks and food indigenous to 5 popular destinations. Engage in trivia and potentially take home a prize. We hope to see you then!
Cost of admission for students is 7 euros.